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Insulated Removable Soft Covers

Insulated Removable Soft Covers

Removable Insulation (Soft Covers), are used to provide an insulation solution for mechanical systems, valves, flanges, instrumentation, vessels and much more.

Removable soft covers may be used for many reasons such as heat /energy retention, frost protection, weather covering and personnel protection.     

Soft covers are often used as an alternative to hard cover or “traditional” insulation methods. This is often due to the need for periodic inspection, torquing and maintenance among other reasons. 

Soft covers are removable and reusable. Our products are manufactured by a team of Insulating professionals and engineers, with real world application in mind following specifications from ASTM & ISO. We follow strict quality management protocols to ensure all of our clients’ needs are properly addressed.

Our clients can expect the highest level of quality in all aspects of Shield Industrial’s soft covers. Extreme attention to detail is given in every step of our process, beginning with our engineering department to our precision CNC cut components and through completion.


Soft Covers

  • Hot service
    • Designed to ASTM C1695-19 spec
    • Non-asbestos
    • Rated to temperatures of 1000 degrees fahrenheit and up
    • Water and weather resistant
    • Durable outer jacketing
  • Cold service
    • Designed to client spec
    • Rated to temperature as low as -200°C
    • Weather and water resistant
    • Durable outer jacketing
  • Environmental protection covers
    • Durable outer jacket
    • Insulated or non-insulated
    • Weather, abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Heated jacket
  • Acoustic blankets
  • Tracer wrap/ rapid wrap

Precision Cutting system increases speed & accuracy for pattern making.

100% asbestos-free materials.

Heat tolerances to 1000°F.

All materials meet ASTM codes, standards& specs.

Full inventory of Tracer/Velcro wrap in 20ft. rolls and sized to cover 0.5" to 4" tubing.

Designed to protect:

  • Angle stop valve insulation cover
  • Ball valve insulation cover
  • Boiler insulation
  • Butterfly valve insulation cover
  • Check valve insulation cover
  • Condensate pump insulation cover
  • Gate valve insulation cover
  • Globe valve insulation cover
  • Heat exchanger insulation cover
  • Any custom solution